We are all named Shirley.  It’s that simple.

There are NO OBLIGATIONS. There are NO MEETINGS to attend.

When possible, Shirleys gather for lunch, a show or some other fun activity.

We get to know one another via this website, newsletters, and by email or snail-mail.


Registration Form For Shirley Club USAIf you are a "Shirley" and not a member, simply click on the FAQ tab above to learn more or click on the JOIN NOW button and become part of this wonderful unique same-name club. 


Shirleys At Salina In Chesterfield Mo Shirleys Together At Olive Garden Luncheon Shirleys at Wolf Bay Lodge in Foley, Alabama


 As you browse this website you will notice that some Tabs are not available for viewing. 

This is due to some sections of the website being password protected forShirley members only.